Accept Credit Cards Online on your Website

Open your online store with a secure e-commerce payment solution. When customers click “submit to pay,” the transaction is transmitted securely from real-time payment processing to transaction management.

Key Benefits

As a full-service merchant services provider, Ameribanks has set up thousands of businesses across all industries with all the products and services they need for Internet credit card processing.

In addition to online credit card processing, we offer additional important features like:

  • Accept a Variety of Payments – All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.
  • Manage Your Transactions – Use our Merchant Interface to monitor and control payments through your Web site.
  • Prevent Fraud – Identify suspicious transactions with our value-adding products and built-in fraud tools.
  • Risk Management – Sensitive data is stored in the PCI-compliant data center, never on your computer.
  • Receive Payments Quickly – Your funds are automatically deposited into your merchant bank account within days.
  • Free Help – We provide live technical and account support to merchants.


We can help you accept credit card and electronic check payments online quickly and affordably. More than 25,000 merchants trust us for payment processing solutions.

At Ameribanks, our electronic payment gateway combines the functionality of an electronic counter-top terminal with the power to process transactions online. You are able to accept credit and debit cards with a single integrated system that is flexible enough to add features as their needs change.

The Online Process

Typically completed in just seconds, the process begins when credit card data is entered into the system. The issuer authorizes or declines the transaction and notifies the processor. The processor sends the authorization to the merchant, who completes the sale and issues a receipt. Within days, the processor deposits the proceeds from the sale into your merchant account.

Get Started

Getting started with online processing couldn’t be easier. Just apply, or call us directly at 877-VISA-ONE to talk to one of our expert consultants.

Put the expertise and technology of Ameribanks and internet credit card processing to work to help grow your business and your bottom line!

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