Credit Card Processing Solutions

According to the Federal Reserve, credit cards are used more than 20 billion times a year in the United States to ring up about $1.9 trillion in transactions. With that kind of money and volume at stake, keeping up with credit card processing technology and services is crucial for every business that wants to be competitive, including yours.

There’s more than one way to process a credit card transaction: via the Internet, mobile devices and wireless terminals; using computer software; over a phoneline and even manually. One or more of these credit card processing methods may work best for your business needs, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with what each has to offer because if you’re not able to take credit cards — or your credit card processing services fail — you stand to lose out on some serious money.

Ameribanks has got you covered with:


Retail / Point of Sale (POS) Credit Card Processing

An Ameribanks retail merchant account enables you to authorize, settle and manage face-to-face retail credit and debit card transactions through a variety of POS solutions to help meet your connectivity, processing speed and security needs. Check out the advantages of faster checkouts, reduced telecom costs, immediate real-time online reporting and the reliability of redundant systems offered by our POS credit card processing!


Internet Credit Card Processing

The most popular and flexible method of credit card processing for Internet merchant accounts leverages the power of our electronic payment gateway, which includes a virtual terminal that allows you to manually process any credit card or signature debit card order in real time wherever you have Internet access. Transaction Express’s customizable Internet credit card processing services includes direct swipe via USB capability, 24/7 online reporting, batch processing, integrated shopping cart technology, recurring payments, email management, and instant, multi-location networking.


Mobile Credit Card Processing

Virtual Merchant®, the app that turns your smart phone into a credit card terminal, is Ameribanks’s mobile credit card processing solution. With Virtual Merchant you can process major credit cards and signature debit cards wherever you are, receive instant authorization, issue email receipts, and manage voids and refunds via your smartphone. The speed and convenience of single-screen entry, an easy-view product menu, secure data transmission via SSL connection, advanced fraud detection, address verification, geo-location technology, customer contact storage capability — these are just a few of the reasons why we call Virtual Merchant your “terminal on the go”! Let Ameribanks show you how Virtual Merchant can move you to the forefront of mobile cell phone credit card processing.

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